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Portable audio equipment Improvement Pack (P.W.B. Foils).

In response to special requests we are introducing an Improvement Pack for Portable audio equipment such as MP3 players, iPod and Walkman style players, and their external amplifiers such as the T Amp and miniature passive or active speakers.

This new Improvement Pack consists of 10 mm pieces of each of the following six P.W.B. Morphic Message Foils :-

X Film., Black 26, Blue, Comfort., Safe Hole, New Type Communication,

PLUS 10 mm pieces of Real Foil, Freeze Effect Foil, Present Foil and Inside Foil.

Also included in this new Improvement Pack is a small amount of Morphic Green Cream. The price of this new Improvement Pack is £35. ($62 US dollars, €53 Euros).

Each 10 mm piece of Foil can be cut into 3 strips quite easily or, with luck and dexterity, cut into 4 strips of 2.5 mm - enough strips of Foil to apply one strip of each of the Foils to three or four items of equipment. All our Foils are self adhesive and after the protective backing is removed, the strip of Foil can be easily positioned on an item of equipment. After the strips of Foil have been attached, then a tiny amount of the Morphic Green Cream is applied over each strip of the above named Foils, interfacing them with the object.

The Foils are 20 mm wide and each strip of Foil is cut along the 20 mm width, making each strip of Foil 20 mm by approximately 2.5 mm (an example is illustrated below)
Comfort Foil

On such a miniature amplifier as the T Amp, a very convenient place to attach all the strips of Foil is in the battery compartment.

As it is also important to 'treat' all the batteries used, we recommend applying a tiny amount of the Morphic Green Cream to a small area of the outer insulation of each battery.

In addition to this new Portable audio equipment Improvement Pack we would recommend that further additional and very effective treatments should be considered - such as the near absolute necessity of having a Red 'x' Pen - to at least be able to sign one's initials or name on the items of equipment, or write your own Morphic Messages plus the necessity (if one is going to do any soldering) to have Smart Metal - and those additional devices (Red 'x' Pen and Smart Metal) can then be used to 'treat' so many other items of equipment !

Where safe to do so using the freezing/slow defrost technique on items including the batteries being used will give further improvements in the sound. Also, strips of any other of our Foils which can be added to the items of equipment will add to the beneficial effect.

A significant effect can be achieved with the freezing/slow defrost technique by using the domestic deep freezer. Place the item to be frozen in a plain plastic bag and place it in the domestic deep freezer for around 24 hours. After the item is lifted out, it is important to allow it to return to room temperature very, very slowly. This can be achieved easily by wrapping the object in a towel or a blanket.

The £35 "Portable audio equipment Improvement Pack" offer is in addition to the new "Top Up and Trial Foil Pack" at £150 we are also introducing.


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