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Animating the inanimate.

The P.W.B. Quantum Clip is capable of manipulating certain inanimate material into a condition that mimics the quantum state of our living senses. To understand the importance of such a technique, it is necessary to realise that the human senses evolved in a world long before most of the materials within the modern environment existed. The human senses evolved to interact with certain, specific, energy patterns - namely other relevant forms of life.

All objects interact with the basic environmental energy patterns such as gravity and energy in the form of light etc. Any object within the environment, by virtue of its interaction with these basic energy sources creates, depending upon the material, a distinctive energy pattern and the senses of human beings are incompatible with the energy patterns created by modern materials. It is erroneously assumed that any material produced 'naturally' by nature is compatible with human beings. Refined metals are as 'unnatural' to the human senses as any modern man-made plastic material.

The P.W.B. Quantum Clip is specifically designed to produce an energy pattern that is neutral and in a state of equilibrium. The crocodile clip is under tension at all times and we have applied techniques that equalise the mechanical pressure variations. This results in an energy pattern which is in a high state of gravitational energy equilibrium. Attached to the clip is a specially twisted, multi-strand combination of copper and the pattern of the twisted copper is such that a high degree of energy control is exercised. Copper has a very distinctive energy resonant pattern and when the clip is attached to another object which contains a quantity of copper, the Quantum Clip will exercise a high degree of control, via the copper, over the object to which it is attached. Removing the clip will release the object from a high state of quantum equilibrium and return it to the form of energy pattern that is incompatible with the human senses. The P.W.B. Quantum Clip contains a very special feature that allows, within a broad range of normal conditions, a permanent change of state to occur within suitable objects to which it is attached.

The strands of twisted copper attached to the Clip have been coated with an alloy of metal - creating a highly effective and sensitive device. When a controlled energy source is applied to the extreme end of the twisted copper wire, a quantum particle effect is produced that greatly influences any suitable material to which the Quantum Clip is attached{short description of image}.

The Tweezers are used in conjunction with the Quantum Clip. After attaching the Quantum Clip to an object or, when the object cannot be gripped by the Clip, pressing the Clip with the closed jaws against an object, to activate the Quantum Clip simply squeeze the points of the Tweezers firmly but gently across any of the two opposing flat surfaces on the hexagon nut of the Clip.{short description of image}

The Tweezers can be applied at any angle in respect to the nut at the end of the Clip

When the points of the Quantum Clip Tweezers are gently but firmly squeezed across any two opposing flat surfaces on the nut at the end of the Quantum Clip energy, from the human being, passes through the Tweezers, to the jaw end of the Quantum Clip.

A further material to which the P.W.B. Quantum Clip has been 'tuned' is standard P.W.B. Rainbow Foil. Any object to which the standard P.W.B. Rainbow Foil has already been attached will, when the Clip is attached to the object, attain a high degree of equilibrium.

A large amount of the contents of our home is constructed from wood. This material is also erroneously considered to be 'natural'. When wood is in the form of a growing tree, the energy pattern is of a living object and the root structure, when embedded in the earth, dominates the energy pattern. Once the tree has been cut and becomes dry timber, the energy pattern is unnatural and incompatible with the human senses. The Quantum Clip has been 'tuned' to wood in the form of timber. Applying the Clip to an object constructed in part, of wood, changes the pattern to one compatible with the human senses.

The present perceived standard of quality of live music is mistakenly assumed to be the highest attainable. All musical instruments are constructed mainly from 'dead' wood or refined metals. The excitation of these materials by mechanical means during the playing of music, produces energy patterns, on the instruments and radiated to the listener by varying air pressures, which are incompatible with the human senses. If the P.W.B. Quantum Clip is attached to any musical instrument, a profound change to the perceived sound will take place from that musical instrument. The Clip is capable of transforming the sound from a concert grand piano ! If any other P.W.B. device can be attached to the musical instrument before treating with the Quantum Clip, the perceived sound from the musical instrument will be further enhanced. If any type of musical instrument is stored within the home where recorded music is listened to, the 'passive' musical instrument will reduce the quality of the perceived sound obtained from the recorded music. Conversely, if any electronic equipment, including audio, video and computer equipment is present within a building where musical instruments are played, the passive or working electrical equipment will profoundly reduce the standard of the perceived sound obtained when playing the musical instrument.

The treatment utilising the P.W.B. Quantum Clip is relatively easy to apply. There is, however, one limitation in its use that has to be considered. It is sometimes very difficult to determine where the outer boundary of many objects exists. At the interface of two distinct objects, an extreme change to the environmental energy pattern will occur. By way of example:-

If a chair is placed on the carpet, the energy pattern at the point of contact with the chair legs and the carpet will profoundly change at this interface. The chair will influence the energy pattern of the carpet and vice versa but the energy pattern of each object will be profoundly different. It would therefore be necessary to 'treat' separately both the chair and the carpet. Within electrically operated equipment, including a loudspeaker system, all the component parts form a far more homogeneous entity and attaching the Quantum Clip to various points will usually effectively treat the whole object.

Where possible, we treat loudspeaker systems by gripping one of the input terminals. Electrical equipment is effectively treated by removing the A.C. power plug from the electrical supply and gripping one of the pins of the input plug with the Quantum Clip. Any interconnect wire, even wire still attached to the storage reel, can be treated by attaching the Quantum Clip to one end of the wire or to the plastic outer insulation of the wire. After treating a reel of wire, lengths of wire can be cut from the full length and the lengths will still retain the beneficial energy pattern. Applying P.W.B. Coloured Electret Ring Ties to the cut lengths of wire before treating with the Quantum Clip will further enhance the beneficial effect. If only one P.W.B. Coloured Ring Tie is to be attached to a length of wire, we recommend using the White Ring Tie.


The structure of a building can also be treated. Glass windows will respond to treatment and always treat both sides of a door. It is not necessary to always grip an object with the Quantum Clip to produce the beneficial effect. It is only necessary to press the leading edge of the jaws in the closed position so that the Clip makes contact with the object, for the treatment to be successfully applied. This facilitates the treatment of doors, windows. etc.

It is possible to successfully and separately treat a p.u. cartridge or a loudspeaker drive unit but if either of these items are connected within their complete loudspeaker system or record player unit, attaching the Clip to an input terminal of a loudspeaker system or to the power input of the vinyl record player will successfully programme the cartridge or the individual speaker drive units within the complete system. By way of example :-

The two items on a loudspeaker system or vinyl record player which are separated by the interface problem are the decorative front of a loudspeaker system and the clear plastic lid of the vinyl record player. Both these items should be treated as a separate entity. It is interesting to note that after treating the decorative front of a loudspeaker system, a noted deterioration in the perceived sound will take place when you attempt to listen without the decorative front attached to the loudspeaker system.

The P.W.B. Quantum Clip has been specifically designed as a tool to be used in the manufacturing process of audio and video products. It therefore requires, in the operator, an ability to acquire skills in its use. This is easily obtained if the potential operator is willing to first practice, in an experimental way, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the system. In our experimental work we have, as yet, discovered no application when using the Quantum Clip that has led to any deterioration in the perceived sound.

We have, for a number of years, attempted to alert people working within science to the inadequacies contained within their knowledge. We have emphasised, on many occasions, that the natural world is controlled by established morphic resonance patterns and that all life forms have had a controlled evolutionary progression which was strictly governed by constantly evolving morphic resonance patterns. Virtually all 'modern' science, particularly biology and medicine is still dominated by 19th century science - the late 20th century quantum world has so far intruded very little.

P.W.B. Electret Feet that are placed under audio and video equipment also acquire the distinctive energy pattern of the equipment that they are placed under after the equipment has been activated with the Quantum Clip. If the Electret Feet are exchanged between other equipment, it is essential that the equipment is reactivated with the Quantum Clip so that the Electret Feet acquire the changed pattern.

In the same way that we, as human beings, are linked to a photograph taken some time in our past, many if not all objects of a specific and distinctive nature are linked across the world. Objects such as recorded information stored on vinyl records, Compact Discs or magnetic tapes are linked in a 'time warp' situation and, as such, create problems for the human senses.

Human beings, in general, require all situations to possess an obvious cause to explain any and all effects. The real world of nature is usually not that simple. The P.W.B. Quantum Clip should be understood as a 'key' that unlocks the barrier to a number of morphic resonance patterns that nature has established. Human beings have evolved so that they, too, make permanent contact with the morphic resonance patterns created by nature.

Whilst the P.W.B. Quantum Clip has been specifically designed as a manufacturing aid, it contains within it an ability to be an invaluable potential consumer product. As we have mentioned earlier, all vinyl records, Compact Discs and magnetic storage tapes including computer discs are linked in space-time to the past in the same way that a photographic image records an event in time and links the past to and influences activities in the present. This is a situation that profoundly confuses the human senses. If a narrow strip of P.W.B. Rainbow Foil is attached to the vinyl record label or to the non playing side of a C.D. or to the outer cassette cover of a magnetic tape or computer disc, and if the Quantum Clip is then attached to the outer storage housing and thermally activated, the inner disc or tape will receive and retain the full beneficial activity. The effect of applying this treatment is very noticeable and all such items within a building should be so treated. The more of the different types of P.W.B. Foils that are attached to an object - the greater the effect.

A further worthwhile improvement to the perceived sound can be achieved by placing a passive P.W.B. Electret Disc inside the outer storage housing of the disc which is being played and activating the (empty) storage housing with the Quantum Clip.

To extend this technique to interconnect wires, including A.C. power interconnects, it is now possible to attach the Quantum Clip, positioned at right angles, to the eye and tongue junction of all the fitted Blue P.W.B. Ring Ties.{short description of image}

Simply attach the Quantum Clip as illustrated and activate the end of the clip in the normal way with the Tweezers The effect is most noticeable.

The greater the number of the different types of P.W.B. Foils that are attached to the object, the greater will be the beneficial effect of the Quantum Clip treatment.

The price of the Quantum Clip is £500

22nd November 2001

PWB Electronics, 2 Northbrook Croft, Hill View Mount, Leeds LS7 4QZ, England




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