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WHAT A MESS !!!! -- An alternative view of reality.

For a number of years, we have attempted to alert the human population that many aspects of science and technology are seriously impairing the human senses. We are now in a position to, yet again, attempt to introduce some reality into an age of delusion.

Every day, technology is producing astronomical numbers of objects that seriously impair the senses and our well-being. We have, yet again, constructed a number of experiments that require virtually no financial outlay, yet are capable of exposing an invisible technological pollution which is extremely harmful to all human beings.

The first essential experimental item is one that most households possess - a deep freeze compartment within a domestic refrigerator. For a number of years, a number of people who are already aware and astute have attempted to make the rest of the population aware that, if certain items, mainly Compact Discs, were frozen and then defrosted slowly, a significant increase in the subjective sound would occur. Not surprisingly, the dogmatic and rigid approach of most audio journalists made them reject reports of this phenomenon. The experiments that follow are designed to remove the delusion that manufacturers of audio equipment and the journalists who make a comfortable living reporting on such equipment have, at the moment, a necessary technical competency. The experiments which are described here are designed to demonstrate that a great deal of the science and technology, which is the basis for the practices within live musical performances and the music recording and replaying industries, is firmly rooted in the 19th century and requires a great deal of revision.

Simple everyday objects such as batteries., magnets., photographs and the very music recordings that we attempt to replay all conspire to seriously impair our senses. To understand this problem, it is necessary to realise the very basis upon which nature evolved the senses. Within each and all living creatures, there is an attempt to maintain an inner symmetrical pattern. The senses all measure the degree of asymmetrical energy patterns exterior to the body and compare the external asymmetrical energy patterns against the internal symmetrical energy patterns. Modern science and technology has surrounded each individual with innumerable objects which have asymmetric energy patterns that create a chronic problem for our senses. It is necessary to remove the effect of these environmental pollutants so that the senses can begin to function at a high level.

Each individual human had a fundamental adverse problem imposed on their senses when they had their first photograph taken. A photographic image captures the unique identity of the subject of the photograph but imposes a significant temporal (time) asymmetrical pattern. The action of this photograph radically changed the inner symmetry of the senses of the photographed human being. Fortunately, this debilitating adverse condition is reversible.

To restore a significant temporal (time) symmetry to any person's senses, it is necessary to acquire one photograph which was exposed when the person was young and another photograph exposed when the person was older. Each photograph is placed, individually, into it's own clear plastic bag. The two plastic bags, each containing a spaced time photograph of the same individual, should be placed inside the freezer compartment of the domestic refrigerator. This will create a most unusual beneficial phenomenon. After placing the two separate photographs within the freezer compartment, either live or recorded music should be played within the listening room. A significant improvement to the musical sound should have taken place. Removing the photographs from the freezer compartment should produce an immediate adverse response if the music is played again. Replacing the two photographs within the freezer compartment will immediately restore the beneficial improvement in the sound. It should be noted that it is not necessary for the photographs to reach the low temperature of the freezer compartment. This experiment demonstrates that within the freezer compartment, there exists a high degree of symmetry and that this symmetrical condition is imposed on the temporal asymmetric condition of the two chronologically spaced photographs and is, in turn, imposed on the senses of the human subject of the photographs. It is unfortunate that the vast majority of people, including many who work in science and technology, do not appreciate that a photograph functions within the quantum mechanical world.

The experiment with the photographs also demonstrates that the conditions within the freezer compartment are also a function of the quantum mechanical world. Whilst neither of these statements might not be obvious, the next part of the experiment involves the use of a battery operated flashlight (torch). There can be very few people who are not aware that the light created by the flashlight consists of a stream of billions of particles of light and particles of light (photons) are the essential energy producing pattern within the quantum mechanical world.

The next part of the experiment requires the possession of a fine point Red Staedtler Lumocolor pen (model 3l3). These can be obtained from most stationery shops. We have, for some time, been supplying a specially treated version of this Red pen - known as the "x Pen". Whilst it is highly desirable to use one of these specially treated pens, an untreated pen, purchased at a stationery shop, functions sufficiently to produce worthwhile results.

Briefly, for the more technically interested, we will describe why this Red pen is capable of significantly altering the adverse environmental conditions that we are exposed to.

Isaac Newton was convinced that light always consisted of minute particles and this concept became known as the 'corpuscular theory'. This established Newtonian theory was challenged at the end of the 18th century when Thomas Young performed the double slit experiment which demonstrated that light was propagated with wavelike properties and could be changed to have the properties of individual particles by subjecting the light to different conditions. It is interesting to note that, because of the stature of Isaac Newton, this convincing demonstration by Young was ignored for many years by the scientific establishment. There have, since this time, been innumerable high quality experiments to explain the duality of light - all to no avail !

Experiments to explore how the human senses function readily demonstrate that, when the human senses interact with light and other natural energy patterns, a process occurs similar to that which takes place when the wave formation of the energy is manipulated to form a particle condition. If this process is understood within the space co-ordinates of x, y, z and t - the y co-ordinate represents the natural energies in wave formation which interact with the human receptors and create a particle structure, on an object, which is the 'x' co-ordinate.

The human body, having the ability to manipulate the raw basic energy patterns of nature to activate the complex human senses can, by writing with a Red pen on an object, create the 'x' co-ordinate onto the object. This is a direct interaction of the manipulated energy patterns on the human being, superimposed on the random energy pattern on the object. The object is then left in a permanent state that all human beings, within its presence, can interact with on a one to one basis.

Within nature, there are now a number of established effective number sequences.

One of these is 'x 26 'x

If this number 'x 26 'x is written with the Red pen on both sides of each of the plastic bags which contain the two photographs of the individual, the number will become more closely associated with that particular individual. For that person to beneficially interact with any object within their home environment, all that is necessary is for them to write that number, using the Red pen, on an object. We would draw attention to the two small dashes which are positioned at the left hand side of each 'x and which should always be included. The effect of writing the number (as illustrated) on such items as the printed side of a Compact Disc., the transparent window of a magnetic tape cassette., inside the cover of any magazine or book., on both labels of a vinyl record - in fact any and all articles where the written number cannot be damaged by abrasive handling. It is also necessary to write the number on the outer storage cases of magnetic tapes., C.D.'s and vinyl records. We would particularly draw attention to any form of battery. A battery, by having a positive and a negative concentration of energy, creates a chronic asymmetric situation. Writing the number on the outer case of a battery imposes a significant beneficial symmetric pattern. It is particularly necessary to treat the battery within all torches, cameras, remote controls and calculators etc.

After treating the batteries as described above in a hand flashlight (torch), the light from the torch should be shone directly onto the written number, including the number written on the plastic bags containing the photographs. It is necessary for the treated photographs to be stored within the freezer compartment at all times.

A chronic situation, similar to the problem caused by batteries, is also replicated by the A.C. power supply and by all the voltage differentials on all electrical and electronic equipment. It is necessary to write the number somewhere on the outer case of all electrical, audio, computer and video equipment, in a position where it will not be damaged during cleaning.

After beneficially treating an object as described, to ascertain the efficacy of this treatment, place a plain transparent plastic sheet such as a plastic bag between the light from the torch and the number written on an object. Illuminating the torch so that the photons have to travel through the plastic before activating the Red 'x number will again impose an adverse asymmetric pattern on the object. Listening to some music after this adverse treatment will show a deterioration in the quality of the sound. Reactivating by illuminating the Red 'x number directly from the torch will restore the beneficial symmetric pattern. It is necessary to activate each Red 'x number.

A severe asymmetric situation, in most homes, is created by every reflecting mirror. The number should be written in the corner of the mirror and activated by the torch. After cleaning, it will be necessary to replace the Red 'x number and reactivate.

A noticeable feature of these experiments is that if just one person has their photographs beneficially treated as described, every other person in their presence will experience the same beneficial improvement to the perceived sound. This indicates how we are constantly aware of the energy pattern of any person within our immediate surroundings. The Red pen treatment is only effective after the individual's photograph has been treated. It is worth noting that as more of the people within a group have their photographs treated, the greater will be the beneficial effect of any one person 'x marking an object.

Any home with a deep freezer within the premises is having a significant beneficial symmetrical pattern imposed throughout the premises. To prove this it is possible to destroy the symmetrical pattern within the deep freezer. All that is necessary is to place an untreated battery or magnet, or a hologram (such as those found on virtually every plastic charge card) inside the deep freeze compartment. Simply place any one of these objects within a plastic bag, place within the freezer compartment and any musical sound within the listening room will be profoundly adversely affected. Removing the object from the deep freeze compartment will immediately restore the previous high standard. Always write the 'x number on any of these objects and activate the number with light from the torch. As a credit card with a hologram is often carried within a pocket of clothing, it is essential that the card is treated by applying the Red 'x number and activating with the torch.

A salutary lesson for any manufacturer, retailer or reviewer of audio equipment is for them to place a miniature (or full size) loudspeaker drive unit or a magnetic p.u. cartridge within a plastic bag and then within any deep freezer associated with the premises where they listen to music - and then attempt to listen to music !!! Most individual components that are within audio and video equipment reveal their adverse asymmetric pattern when placed within a deep freeze compartment.

In order to beneficially freeze an object within a deep freezer, it is necessary to go through an adverse period of time within the premises until the object being frozen reaches the lowest temperature within the deep freezer and acquires the symmetric pattern of the deep freezer. The object should then be removed, insulated and very slowly defrosted over a long period of time. A far superior treatment is to number the object by a 'treated' person using the Red pen technique.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We have described a number of experiments that are, in fact, very effective beneficial treatments to improve the human sensory perception. We produce a number of far more effective treatments that create a substantial improvement, relative to the experiments described above. These new P.W.B. devices impose a high degree of symmetry on an object without the necessity of placing them within a deep freeze compartment.

The Quantum Clip device is a far superior device to activate the Red 'x number than the battery torch technique described. When available, always use the Quantum Clip device instead of a torch.

Enclosed with this Christmas edition of the P.W.B. Newsletter are two sets of an "A.C. power manipulation device". Most people are fully aware that the A.C. power supply is constantly varying in potential between positive and negative. From the point of view of our senses, this means that all objects within our immediate environment - particularly objects connected to the A.C. supply - are constantly, by virtue of the varying potential energy, pointing to the past and then to the future. This creates a most alarming and disconcerting situation for our senses to attempt to resolve.

The enclosed devices are specially treated reflective mirrors, which have been constructed as an inverse to each other. One has a Gold top, one has a Silver top. One Gold and one Silver topped 'mirror' device should be attached to the outer case of a C.D. player, or amplifier, or tuner etc. After attaching the 'mirror' devices to the outer case of the piece of equipment, the Red 'x number should be written on the equipment case and activated using the torch. The beneficial effect on the sound will readily be appreciated.

These 'mirror' devices have been produced for experimental purposes only. The final version of this device will be in the form of a single label which will have a complex computer programme printed on it by a laser printer.


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