A Brief History


Peter Belt’s background is 60 years in the audio industry, the first 30 years as a conventional engineer designing and manufacturing moving coil loudspeakers, electrostatic loudspeakers, orthodynamic loudspeakers, moving coil headphones, electrostatic headphones and orthodynamic headphones. During this time he was constantly researching as to how he could improve the sound and also from time to time he would be aware of occasions when the sound had changed for no apparent reason – he just knew that the sound had changed with no conventional explanation as to why it had. During a period of further research, he began to realise that there were many things that were having an effect on the ‘sound,. things that could not, by any stretch of the imagination, be altering either the actual audio signal or the acoustic air pressure waves. This is when he began to realise that it must be us (human beings) who were reacting to the modern environment. The last 30 years have been spent in this unconventional area, struggling to find ways to counteract these adverse conditions.

Our basic concept is that everything in the modern environment has an energy pattern that we (human beings) are sensing and reacting to – that we are interpreting these energy patterns as ‘danger’., ‘intruders’.,’ predators’., or that we cannot resolve these energy patterns and therefore remain under tension. Peter has developed techniques to change these adverse energy patterns to ones that we recognise as ‘friendly’ and therefore to gradually treat so many things in the modern environment (including the very audio equipment) so that we (human beings) can be under less tension, therefore can perceive more of the information that is actually in the room.

As we began to realise what was happening – that it was us (human beings) who were doing the changing – not the audio signal nor the acoustic air pressure waves, then we began to develop better techniques and to develop various methods of better applying the ‘friendly’ energy pattern to objects. As we began to realise what was going on in the environment and how it was affecting us (human beings), we learnt how to induce energy patterns into various materials and this is the secret behind our devices and techniques – knowing which materials will take which energy patterns and some of our devices actually require multiple treatments.

We have a variety of very versatile devices to ‘treat’ discs. tapes, vinyl records, audio and video equipment and all manner of items in the environment.

May Belt.