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What follows is an introduction to the P.W.B. Newsletters by Dr. Richard Graham and his personal view of developments at P.W.B. Electronics. We would like to point out to readers that the P.W.B. Newsletters are compiled, edited and produced by Dr. Richard Graham – completely independently of P.W.B. Electronics. P.W.B. Electronics do not have or exercise any editorial control over the Newsletters.

Mrs. May Belt

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P.W.B. Electronics are simply the most exciting and innovative company currently working in the field of audio. Their ideas and products embrace developments in scientific thinking that sets them apart from all other manufacturers. The products form a range of unique devices that enhance the perception of reproduced music and audio-visual material when applied to objects in the home. Indeed, the “apparent” improvement in the quality of reproduction is so extraordinary that the devices become the most important part of the system.


This introduction is a personal view of developments at P.W.B. Electronics over the past two decades. It will also explain the development of the P.W.B. Newsletters , which you will be able to access.

Increasingly dissatisfied with the results obtained from carefully designed audio equipment in the early l980’s, Peter Belt stumbled across phenomena that were to dramatically alter the course of his work.

The early experiences suggested that low-levels of electromagnetic radiation created a cloud that reduced the acuity of our senses, and thus the enjoyment of reproduced music. The early devices from P.W.B. Electronics were developed to address this phenomena, and were very successfully critically and commercially received – until the threat of these devices to the economic status quo of the audio industry led to a change of attitude: after initial enthusiasm, Peter Belt and related products were shunned and ignored.

The rather sad response of the audio world at this point did not deter Peter Belt, and to this day, the products have developed further and a loyal group of customers eagerly await the production of advanced devices.

Of course the theories of 19th Century Physics that continue to influence many designers and engineers, were inadequate to explain the phenomena reported by Peter Belt, and this did not win him friends. The concept of electromagnetic ‘pollution’ also became less useful, and over recent years, Peter Belt has turned to the work of those researching in the field of Quantum Mechanics to make sense of, and further develop his products. Whilst not easy to understand, the influence of certain patterns in nature, across time, has become a major part of product development, and the products that have emerged justify this approach in their astonishing effects on reproduced sound.

You will be able to read on other pages, the Newsletters that have monitored progress at P.W.B. Electronics. My own background in Medicine, Child Development Research and Psychological Treatments influenced my decision to start the Newsletter. I was aware that many individuals around the United Kingdom were aware of the benefits of P.W.B. products, but there was no forum in which news and views could be reported. The Newsletter addressed this, and my own interest in the discovery of a new phenomenon, and the processes surrounding this i.e. how people respond to it.

The Newsletters over recent years cover many developments at P.W.B. Electronics, and document many responses to them. The most recent Newsletters demand prior knowledge of P.W.B. products, and without this they may appear somewhat unusual – if not bizarre.

They also contain enthusiasm, excitement and a great deal of humour, which is sorely lacking in the audio industry at this time.

As with many things, only experience can confirm or refute the worth of something for an individual, and if anything in the Newsletters is of interest, communication with Peter Belt and a trial of some products is the only way forward.

But be warned: once experienced, your ‘world view’ may change dramatically; and that is never comfortable. What it is, however, is exciting……….

Dr. Richard Graham.

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