The 11 most Frequently Asked Questions.

Question 1

Does it rely on autosuggestion for P.W.B. devices and techniques to work ?


No – The devices are actually superimposing a ‘friendly’ energy pattern on any object which they are attached to.

Question 2

Have the P.W.B. devices had some special treatment ?


Yes – The devices have been specially treated to provide ‘friendly’, ‘relaxing’ energy patterns.

Question 3

Now I have successfully used the Rainbow Foil, what is my next step – what do you suggest I try next ? Should I try the Cream-Electret next ?


Yes. The Cream-Electret is the next product to try. This is an extremely versatile product because so many things can be beneficially treated with it. And I mean so many things – things in the listening environment which are not, in any way, associated with the audio equipment.

Question 4

Now I have tried the Rainbow Foil and Cream-Electret, what do you suggest I try next ?

Are the other Foils mentioned in your product list any different to the standard Rainbow Foil.? The other Foils in your product list are more expensive than the Rainbow Foil, are they more effective ?


Yes, all our different Foils (Frosted Rainbow Foil, the group of Morphic Message Foils and Quantum Rainbow Foil with Quantum Cream) ‘deal with’ different adverse energy patterns which we have identified over the past 15 years. They are all in addition to the Rainbow Foil and Cream-Electret. The more of our devices that are applied to objects, the greater will be the beneficial effect. Most of our regular customers use the standard Rainbow Foil for treating CD’s, vinyl records, audio and video tapes (which in some cases amount to many hundreds) and use the more expensive Foils to treat audio, video, computer and other electronic equipment and other passive objects in their listening room.

Question 5

In your leaflet describing how to use the Rainbow Foil, you specify the Compact Disc logo on the CD label as a particular area to treat with the Foil. I do not understand why this particular area is so important – over and above the rest of the printing on the CD label.


This question is partly covered in a later answer on Morphic resonance. I have also previously explained how Peter discovered this particular aspect in a talk I gave in 1998 and which many of our UK customers are familiar with. We made many of our early discoveries before we owned a CD player or had any Compact Discs. We were using the vinyl record as our source of music. We discovered that printing was significant and that colours were significant to how we perceived sound so, by the time we purchased a CD player and a few Compact Discs, we were already aware that the printing on the label side of a Compact Disc and the colour/s of that printing would be important. Peter systematically tried a strip of Rainbow Foil over every area of the printing on a Compact Disc and, each time, a strip of Rainbow Foil over the CD logo proved to be the most effective area. But, this took some explaining, especially when the CD logo was printed in exactly the same colour as the rest of the printing.

Question 6

How are the Morphic Message Foils on your product list different to the Rainbow Foil ? If I can only afford one of the Morphic Message Foils, which one would you recommend as the best ?


In our opinion, all the Morphic Message Foils are equally important as they each carry a different and particular ‘reassuring’ message. And, all items of equipment require all of the different ‘reassuring’ messages – the more of the different Foils which are attached, the greater will be the beneficial effect.

To understand the reasoning behind the Morphic Message Foils and the Red X Pen, you have to have already done many experiments i.e. tried strips of Rainbow Foil and applied Cream-Electret to passive objects in the listening environment as well as to the audio and video equipment and realised that there are many different energy patterns affecting us (human beings) and that there is much more going on which is affecting us and our perception of music than conventional electromagnetic or acoustic theories can explain. As well as constantly looking for ‘danger’, ‘intruder’ signals and also as a result of evolution, we (human beings) are also constantly looking for signals of reassurance i.e. safety and security. The six different Morphic Message Foils each carry a different ‘reassuring’ message printed down it’s length. Each particular ‘reassuring’ message has been compiled on the computer, reduced considerably in size and therefore there is a complete message printed in full in every 3 mm strip you cut from the length of the Foil.

Question 7

What exactly is the Red X Pen I have read about in the P.W.B. Newsletters ?


This answer applies also to the Morphic Message Foils. To understand the importance of written messages, either written by yourself using the specially treated Red X Pen or printed by us on the Morphic Message Foils, you have to realise the importance of communication by language and by words and their meaning. The more experiments you carry out using P.W.B. devices and techniques, the more you will realise how ‘an effect on the human being and their perception of sound’ can be of greater importance than any ‘effect on the audio signal’. Which then takes you away from electronics and ‘dealing with’ the signal and more into how human beings function and how Nature must work. In our opinion, Rupert Sheldrake’s concept of Morphic resonance is the best insight yet as to how Nature works and must have worked since the beginning.

To outline Sheldrake’s concept – with apologies to Sheldrake who took years to write his books !!

Sheldrake proposes that as soon as anything exists, there is created a Morphic resonance energy pattern. That the more things which exist that are identical, the stronger the Morphic resonance energy pattern and that all the things which are identical are therefore linked together by the Morphic resonance pattern. These ‘things’ are not just animate or inanimate objects but also such things as behavioral patterns – and communication is a pattern. The words and their meaning have a Morphic resonance pattern, the more the words (with their associated meaning) are in common usage, the stronger will be the Morphic resonance energy pattern. Once you know how to do it, you can ‘tap into’ the relevant ‘reassuring’ Morphic resonance patterns.

Also following on from a previous question. Peter made the discovery that the Compact Disc logo on the label side of a Compact Disc was an extremely important area to treat with the Rainbow Foil when he treated the Compact Disc logo of a passive CD, laid on the sofa next to him, whilst listening to an identical CD. This made him realise that there was some form of ‘linkage’ going on here – which led him eventually to Sheldrake’s concept of linkage by Morphic resonance. Identical CDs may share the same musical content and the same printing on the label but there may be only a few thousand of the identical CDs whereas the Compact Disc logo is printed on virtually every Compact Disc produced – and that amounts to many millions !!

Question 8

Having only this last year, via the Internet, seen references to Peter Belt’s concepts and techniques, I ask why I have not seen many such references previously in the traditional audio magazines.?


The traditional audio magazines cannot allow any discussions of Peter’s techniques to take place. The traditional audio magazines rely on advertising revenue from equipment manufacturers and retailers in order to survive. The equipment manufacturers and retailers are in business to sell new equipment and the last thing they want is for discussions to take place in the traditional audio magazines on how the buying public can improve the sound of their existing audio equipment. Many British audio journalists did actually begin to discuss Peter’s techniques and devices in the late 1980s /early 1990’s but have subsequently and very effectively been silenced. But this censorship, unfortunately, also means that relevant information is being withheld from the buying public.

Question 9

I have read, somewhere in the writings on your web site (probably in the Newsletters), that Peter Belt is 15 years ahead of the rest of the audio industry. I find this difficult to believe. Surely if he was, then he would have been copied before now.?


You are making the presumption that there is only one expertise in audio – that of designing better and better electronic circuits. Peter Belt is 15 years ahead of the rest of the audio industry in knowing what affects us (human beings) and our perception of sound. But, it is not only Peter Belt who is ahead of the rest of the audio industry – many hundreds of P.W.B. customers are now also ahead of the audio industry. Even as simple a procedure as using the freezing/defrosting technique described by Peter and freezing an AC power cable or freezing an interconnect or freezing a speaker cable and hearing them sound much better than when they were originally purchased puts the consumer ahead of the engineers who made them and ahead of the retailers who sold them and, even more importantly, who continue to make them (untreated) and continue to sell them (untreated)!!

Question 10

During the mid 1980’s I read a few glowing reports about Peter Belt’s techniques (particularly after Peter had successfully treated the demonstration rooms of two British Hi-Fi magazines at a Hi-Fi Show). But, since then, I have seen Peter Belt and his techniques subsequently ridiculed and Peter called some sort of a ‘crank’. How do I come to any conclusion about whether to try Peter’s techniques or not.?


We are quite philosophical about this because we know that something similar happens throughout history to anyone who wishes to challenge conventionally held views. I am in the process of writing the Peter Belt story as a parallel to the Joseph Lister story of 100 years ago. Even though Joseph Lister was a doctor and surgeon he was attacked by contemporary members of the medical profession for his concept that “the germs were in the air” and he was ridiculed by other doctors and surgeons for his antiseptic techniques. In the Peter Belt story, I have many contenders from current members of the audio industry for the role of D. Campbell Black of Glasgow in the Joseph Lister story who called Lister’s antiseptic technique “The latest toy in medical science – the carbolic mania” and for the role of Dr. J. Hughes Bennett, who said “Where are the germs?, Show them to us and we will believe. Has anybody seen these germs ?”

You have to carry out experiments for yourself and make your own judgements as to whether the sound has improved or not and not rely wholly on what the journalists say or, alternatively, do not say ! Again, the parallel to the Joseph Lister story is if 100 years ago, members of the medical profession refused to carry out any experiments using the antiseptic techniques suggested by Joseph Lister. What does that say about the professionalism of those doctors and surgeons ? Also, if certain doctors and surgeons successfully used Joseph Lister’s antiseptic techniques but kept silent out of fear of being ridiculed. What does that say about their integrity ?

Question 11

If you are correct that we (human beings) cannot hear/perceive just how excellent is the performance of our audio equipment and that the audio and video equipment I have requires ‘treating’ as well as the listening environment and the cost could run to hundreds of pounds/dollars, surely I would be better spending the hundreds of pounds/dollars on upgrading my equipment instead ?


Obviously it is your choice where you allocate your funds, however I would like to offer my advice. Even if you upgrade your audio equipment, it will still have to be treated, irrespective of who designed it, or who manufactured it, or how much it cost ! Because as soon as it is introduced into the listening environment it will be ‘sensed’ by us (human beings) as ‘intruders’, ‘predators’ etc.

May Belt.